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Research Goals


Methods and Techniques

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Insight Framework

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Each insight in the framework represents an encompassing idea
stated in the voice of the user, while the location of each suggests the
relationships between them. The below framework was produced
after Affinitization stage.

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Empathy Map


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1. Customers wait in line to use self-checkouts.

2. Payment methods using membership card or credit
card have multiple steps which is a hassle.

3. Customers pay more at self-checkouts because they
think the items were on sale, but aren’t and its tedious to keep
checking the screen for information while scanning and bagging.

4. Scanning, access and the artefact of coupons at
self-checkouts fails miserably.

5. Customer’s hate the plastic bags and feel guilty
about using them at the end.

6. A lot of customer use Target app to view products and check
prices at home but are not aware of other features available.


Problem Statement

How might we device a self-checkout that is a fast,
intuitive, save customer’s time, is supported by human
interaction if needed and provides accurate and
personalised shopping experience in Grocery Stores?



A smart cart which is linked with the customer’s Target(Store)
app, that provides customer the opportunity to understand
information better, automatically detects customer’s coupons
from his app, can request help for items if needed,
provides customers the freedom to bag their own goods
as they shop and pay on-the-go without waiting in line!

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A smart cart with a smart screen detects
when items are placed and removed.



Suggesting customers to take the next steps,
towards sustainability You can buy bags like these:


Card sorting

Meaningful categorisation and rank their needs


Sitemap for the Digital Interface

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